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Tatiana Lee-Chee, DO, FAOCO


We could tell you about our patients’ excellent care, but we know that they can do a much better job. Below we’ve provided a selection of statements from our patients speaking about their positive experience with us.

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“doctor is incredible"

"Everything went perfect. Vision is super again after eye surgery. Staff is wonderful and of course doctor is incredible."
- James M.

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"100% recommended"

"Excellent experience. The Dr. is very humane and concerned about her patients as well as her assistants. 100% recommended."
- Karina S.

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"highly recommend Dr. Lee-Chee"

"Dr. Lee-Chee did my Cataract surgery, I am not your normal candidate. I have diabetes, also the eye she performed the surgery on has had a detached retina with scar tissue from that. She was not able to use a laser on my eye. She did it the old fashioned way by hand! The outcome was amazing 20/30 the day after surgery and my eye has healed perfectly with no complications. I highly recommend Dr. Lee-Chee."

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"Dr. Lee-Chee is a terrific ophthalmologist"

"Dr. Lee-Chee is a terrific ophthalmologist! I just had my cataracts done and my sight, even just the day after the procedure, was far better than I had expected. Clearly, she’s a highly skilled surgeon! I had chosen the multi-focal lenses, so my sight was crisp near, medium, and long distance. During the process Dr. Lee-Chee was very warm, compassionate and explained everything very clearly. She was always on time for my my appointments. Her staff are very up-beat, efficient and committed to doing everything 100% right."
Deborah I.

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"a great ophthalmologist"

"Wonderful experience. Elite equipment. Knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff. Highly recommend to anyone searching for a great ophthalmologist."
Barbara O.

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"friendly and helpful throughout the entire process"

"I had cataracts for several years. They grew slowly so I didn't really notice until they were so dense that I really didn't feel confident about driving at night. I didn't notice that colors became muted. All whites became antique white or ivory. At night all points of light were surrounded by a rainbow halos. At 71 I decided that something needed to be done. My PCP referred me to Dr. Tatiana Lee-Chee and I couldn't be happier. My vision is now the best that it's ever been in my life. This is not an exaggeration. I drove tonight for the first time since surgery and the difference is overwhelming. It nearly brought me to tears. Everyone at her office was very friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. All were professional, courteous, and genuinely concerned with my progress. I highly recommend Advanced Eye Care of South Florida and Dr. Lee-Chee."
Brady M.

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"My surgery was amazing"

"The first visit was the most thorough eye examine I have ever received. It was done by a team of professionals who were not only personable, knowledgeable, but totally efficient. Dr. Lee-Chee , was the real surprise, amazingly outgoing, personable, caring, but believe it or not talked to you face to face, not pen to pad or keyboard. My surgery was amazing. The entire cataract removal process was a smooth event. A thank you to Dr Lee-Chee, her staff, Boca Raton Outpatient Surgery and Laser Center and their entire team."
Barry C.

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"She's kind, respectful, informative and considerate"

"I developed cataracts at a relatively early age and the grew very fast. Dr. Lee-Chee removed them both about two weeks apart. I couldn't see my television clearly sitting five feet away, and It was mind blowing to read license plates on cars the same day of my first surgery and to sit and watch my television clearly with a shield over my eye! I would highly recommend Dr. Lee-Chee and her wonderful staff to anyone that needs a reference. As a matter of fact my parents are now patients of Dr. Lee-Chee as well. She's kind, respectful, informative and considerate with a great depth of sensitivity and empathy towards all of her patients. Dr. Lee-Chee is very thorough and does not rush her patients. I absolutely love Dr. Lee-Chee!"
Cora T.

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"Highly recommended"

"Been treated at the clinic for 4 years. I had two surgeries with her. I don't have enough words to praise the treatment and the treatment I received and receive at every visit. Highly recommended for those who need it."
Mordekhay M.

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"Dr. Lee-Chee is very personable and highly competent"

"Dr. Lee-Chee and her amazing staff made sure she had all the information needed to provide the best surgical treatment while also keeping me informed of my options. Dr. Lee-Chee is very personable and highly competent. My cataract surgery went extremely well, and I am so amazed by my vision and grateful to Dr. Lee-Chee. Her surgical technique is excellent, and I highly recommend her."
P. Robinson

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"Wonderful, wonderful doctor!"

"Wonderful, wonderful doctor! I think Dr. Lee-Chee is incredibly caring, warm and looks out for her patient's well being. She is detailed and takes the time to explain things in layman's terms. I've recommended her to my entire family!"